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With the advancement in technology, apps have the unique ability to help keep you sober during recovery. You may have tried several methods in keeping yourself on track, but not every piece of advice may be right for what you are going through. 

Apps have opened the opportunity for you to approach recovery in a different way. Through every challenging day or unexpected trigger, an app can help guide you through healthier coping strategies and uplift you through simple notifications of encouragement. 

With a new approach to the recovery process of addiction, you can discover how life can look beyond alcohol or substance use with the help of innovative ideas and methods. 

Check out some of the best sobriety apps and find one that works for what you need to live the life you want to. 

  1. Loosid 

Loosid has a unique array of features ranging from sober help to sober dating. With an online vibrant supportive community, you are able to connect with a range of people’s experiences and network at local events. 

The app includes boozeless guides that give an inside look at restaurants, travel destinations, and events that offer alcohol-free beverages. Learn to enjoy a great night out with friends that support your sober lifestyle and put the color back into recovery. 

With a fresh new approach to uplifting individuals through the community, Loosid actively keeps you from putting yourself in harmful and compromising situations. The app is for anyone looking to sober date or if you’re looking for a fun new way to experience life, all alcohol-free

  1. Nomo

Nomo isn’t just addiction help, it is an app designed by two guys who are actively in recovery from alcohol. Through their experience, they designed a simple app that gives you the ability to create multiple clocks, each customized for your specific needs.  

If you don’t attend AA meetings, you also can find accountability partners through the app and share your sobriety clocks to help you keep on track. The unique part about it, the app also has games and activities for you to refocus your mind when you feel you’re about to give into any temptation. 

Even better, the app is completely free and always will be. With support through the app and a simple way to track your positive milestones in recovery, you’ll feel more confident during the process and have little messages of encouragement from support groups to keep you on track. 

  1. Twenty Four Hours A Day 

In 1954, Richmond Walker wrote a book titled “Twenty Four Hours A Day” with the intention to help others through the process of sober recovery. The book has withstood the test of time and has been adapted to an easily accessible app. With all 366 daily meditations, you can rest your mind and refocus your actions. 

While some deem the book more on the spiritual side, the app lets you highlight favorite sections for you to continually return to meditations that speak to you the most. 

Twenty Four Hours A Day doesn’t provide community support or other resources, but it does give insight into how you can train your mind to think and meditate on sober help and sober recovery. 

  1. I Am Sober

I Am Sober is designed as a tracker, but also a way for you to take an inside look at the negative habits you continually repeat. From meth addiction help to alcohol addiction help, this app keeps you accountable to your recovery with different clocks for tracking multiple addictions. 

Most people who use this app appreciate the community aspect the most. Equated to the likes of Twitter for recovery, you are able to share how you’re feeling and connect to others who may be feeling the same. 

With accountability through tracking and continual support, I Am Sober is considered one best sobriety app that people can count on. 

  1. Pear reSET


Pear Therapeutics prides themselves on the digital innovation for active recovery and chronic condition support. Their unique approach through advanced software allows clinicians to support their patients through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for substance use disorder (SUD) and meth addiction help. 

 Pear reSET recognizes the challenges that come with recovery, but they root their app in scientific-based evidence to keep people accountable towards a sober life. 

The app offers interactive lessons, coping strategies, tracking of triggers, and positive reinforcement through a reward-based strategy. With active features for clinicians to provide support and reminders, it is a tool often used in conjunction with other recovery help methods. 

  1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid was created to cultivate a sense of community for sober help and sober recovery. One reviewer called this app the Facebook of the sober community for people looking to share big milestones and connect with fellow peers when recovery feels challenging. 

With technology advances increasing, Sober Grid helps you geolocate other sober individuals that are near you to network, connect, and support one another. With the unique aspect of a newsfeed within the app, you can read how others are feeling, or post your own photos and thoughts to share about your recovery. 

Included within the app is certified peer coaching that connects you to people who have lived through similar experiences of addiction. Peer coaching is created to be a strong support team of individuals who can encourage and guide you, even on the most difficult days through alcohol addiction help

  1. SoberTool 

SoberTool was developed by a Harvard graduate whose focus was on chemical dependency. Through working as an alcoholism and drug counselor, the app developer focused the app features to keep those who are struggling out of harm’s way through active support. 

The app is created for those who have struggled with addiction before, those who are looking to get sober for friends and family (or yourself), and people who want to shift self-defeating patterns. 

When your sponsor or accountability partner is unavailable, the app is a place to turn to for tools to navigate away from repeated negative behaviors. Instead of giving into old habits, it assists you in turning your attention towards supportive methods to help you during your sober recovery. 

  1. Sober Time

Sober Time is a fully customizable app for you to track multiple addictions. The features offer the ability to track money saved, addiction statistics, and to keep on track with your recovery through a sobriety tracker. 

The app developers recognized that at the core of what people need in recovery is an active community of support. The built-in community network gives the opportunity for people to learn from one another’s experiences find the addiction help they need. 

Daily notifications through the app share motivational messages right when you need them. Whether you are tracking how many times you went through the fast-food drive-thru or your struggle with substance abuse, SoberTime keeps you on track and accountable to how you want to show up in the world. 

  1. Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter helps you plan and schedule steps to slowly quit drinking and find a way towards recovery. When an urge sprouts up and distracts your attention, you can turn to the app to play a memory game to distract yourself until the urge subsides. 

The differentiating factor for this app is the ability for you to write your own personal motivations for why you are quitting drinking. Once you write it down within the app, it will send you notifications of what you wrote as a reminder of why you are choosing a sober lifestyle. 

You can customize the look of the app and add specific sobriety clocks for what you want to focus on. The more you use the app, the more it shows health improvements over time and how your wallet has a little extra in it at the end of the month. 

  1. 12 Steps AA Companion

Those who have been through AA may be more familiar with the 12 steps, but now there is an app for you to easily access the resources you need to channel your habits towards a sober life. 

Within the app, you are able to search for keywords that you need more information about, as well as the ability to take notes as you follow along. The app keeps track of contacts and has quick access and GPS location for emergency services, or resources to connect with someone quickly if you feel triggered. 

Like most apps, 12 Steps AA Companion includes a sobriety tracker for alcohol addiction help that keeps your mind focused on recovery. 

Find What Works For You

Not every app is going to be the right one for you. Try out different apps and discover what features help you, and what ones simply aren’t what you need for your recovery process. 

Each recovery app offers different ways of supporting you on a daily basis. From access to different active sober communities to a customizable experience through addiction trackers, you always have the resources available to stay accountable. Throughout every challenge or a major milestone, an app can guide you through the recovery process. 

Find your community that supports a sober lifestyle and discover how the right app for you can hold you accountable to your addictions and instill healthier habits. 

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