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Free sobriety apps give the opportunity for you to boost your recovery across multiple aspects of your life. 

Many features on free apps include a sobriety counter, motivational messages, and community capability where you can connect with like-minded individuals who share similar experiences when it comes to quitting drinking.  

Regardless of where you are in your sober journey, these free sobriety apps may be the positive lift you need in your daily routines for a lifetime of recovery. 

1. Loosid

For a sobriety app, Loosid is designed for more than a landing base of resources. One of the main features that boosts the recovery process is the vibrant digital community where individuals can connect with new sober friends. The online community boards cover a range of topics and stories that are shared by other members on the app. 

Loosid is the app that holds space for the positive side in a sober lifestyle, which includes guides to local events where you can feel comfortable attending without being triggered or pressured to drink. By having a reference point for how to meet other like-minded sober individuals, you can rebuild the life you want to in recovery. 

If you are looking for love, Loosid also includes a dating feature that can be turned on directly within the app. The dating feature is different from a regular dating app, as it only includes singles who are looking for sober love. Without the need to explain why you do not drink, it makes it easier to focus on the things that matter to you in a future relationship. 

Beyond the dating feature, there are guides for how to find professional help from local and regional treatment centers. Guides include contact numbers, locations, and tele help centers where you can reach out 24/7 to receive support in recovery. 

Professional health resources is one aspect of addiction help, but recovery does not have to be a somber experience. With over 850,000 messages of support through the app, you can find new sober friendships, love, and a new lifestyle that is fun and enjoyable, all within the convenience of a free app! 

2. Recovery Path: Addiction Recovery & Addiction Help

Recovery Path: Addiction Recovery & Addiction Help is a sober app designed to be a personalized companion throughout your recovery journey. Addiction does not have to be a process that is fought alone, which is why the sober app includes direct messaging with your care team and the ability to connect through group chats with friends and family. 

The care team aspect is unique to the app where it offers the space to collaborate in identifying triggers and risky situations that you may find yourself in. Within the features there is the ability to customize messages to send to yourself when near a place that is important to avoid while in recovery. The app will send a quick alert when you approach the location and has the option to immediately notify your care team.

Instead of meeting old habits, the app provides community positive reinforcement through an enjoyable activities planner and an abstinence calendar to celebrate the little and big victories in recovery. 

With the extra layer of accountability built in, you can feel confident in your recovery journey that you have a personalized team behind you the whole way. The app also includes a meeting finder where you can search for AA or NA community meetings in your area and save them to a localized calendar on your phone. 

Each morning and evening, the app will notify you to check-in on your progress and strengths in the day. You have the option to spend as little as one minute on the app, or longer, depending on how you are feeling in the day. Check-ins for addiction help also can include keeping track of daily tasks, a hygiene routine, and treatment activities. 

3. AA Speakers Free (Alcoholics) – AA Audio Tapes

AA Speakers Free is the addiction app to choose when looking for a safe space to listen to recovery speakers, workshops, and audiobooks that come directly from the Alcoholics Anonymous 12-Step Program. With over 500 speakers, you can search for topics and choose your favorites to revisit again when you need a boost in your day. 

If you identify as an audio learner, the app includes all chapters of the Big Book, which makes it ideal if your schedule conflicts with local meetings or you need recovery support while on the go. The app also features Joe & Charlie tapes that have helped thousands of individuals in recovery understand their own addictions, and how to overcome them. 

While other apps have multiple features, AA Speakers Free only contains audio relevant to Alcoholics Anonymous and does include a sobriety tracker or other forms of online support for recovery. 

4. No Relapse – Get rid of your addictions

No Relapse is ad-free and intends to stay that way. With a clean and minimalistic approach to sobriety tracking and daily motivations, the app serves as a safe space for anyone experiencing addiction. The interface is easy to navigate and includes inspirational posts that can be directly showcased on a static widget on your phone. 

When not using the sober app for motivation, you can log and track your habits to quit drinking. The app makes it easy to set the duration of sober streaks, as well as track your progress. The design is ideal if you are looking for a calm and simple app to track habits and experience positive progress.  

5. Sobriety Tracker – Sober Days, Bad Habits

When it comes to finding a quit drinking app that eases bad habits, Sobriety Tracker – Sober Days, Bad Habits is a great place to start. Within the app you can select from a curated list of habits, or write your own sets of bad habits that often trigger you.

In each category there is the option to select the type of habit as it relates to money, time, or an event. Having the chance to recognize how you associate your habits helps you understand them better and ultimately shows healthier pathways for how to overcome continual habits that harm you and others around you.

The timeline of sobriety shows a clock and a calendar view to give a better viewpoint of time spent since you started your sober journey. Statistics are shown for maximum and minimum abstinence period, as well as averages for abstinence periods. 

Like many other apps on the market, Sobriety Tracker has a trophy aspect where you can receive digital trophies for achievements in milestones of sobriety. The longer you are abstinent, the greater the trophy is! 

When not using the app for tracking progress, you can access a regular newsfeed where articles are posted to keep you motivated each day. Overall, the app serves as a way to understand bad habits, how to navigate through hard days, and gives the boost to move forward in sobriety. 

6. I Am Sober

I Am Sober is a free addiction app designed to boost recovery by building new habits. New habits are created through daily pledges where you can set goals and review your progress at the end of the day. 

Each recap for the day includes the ability to analyze triggers and find what patterns you may be falling into. As you reach new milestones, you can celebrate your sober journey by sharing your personal story with others, or as a reminder for your future self.

The app also lets you customize your experience by setting your sober birthday and the categories of motivation you want to focus on. Alongside the main features, you have the choice to send updates to recovery couches, or treatment centers for optimal care. 

7. Quit Drinking – Stay Sober

Quit Drinking – Stay Sober is a straightforward quit drinking app that features health statistics and tips for a sober lifestyle. Health stats reveal how your mind and body have improved since being sober, along with a progress tracker that can be shared with family, friends, and health providers. You also can keep track of money saved with the amount of drinks you did not have since being sober. 

As money is saved, you can put those dollars towards treats that are a positive reinforcement towards your sober lifestyle. When the urge to drink comes up, there is a specific section within the sobriety app to name the reasons why you quit drinking. 

The list can serve as a reference point and reminder when caught in a situation where you feel triggered to drink. If your reasons need an extra lift in the moment, the features include tips to quit drinking and the ability to record urges and moods within the diary section of the app. 

Moods can include one word feelings, or longer form notes with how you are feeling each day. With a diary, you can keep track of what triggers you on certain days, as well as notify accountability partners when you need extra support to keep on track. 

8. Boost Your Recovery

When looking for the right app to suit you, consider what options within a sobriety app would serve as an ideal companion to boost recovery and find new avenues to overcome addiction for sober living.


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