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The best sobriety app is out there waiting for you to discover just how powerful a digital sober companion can be. Sobriety apps give the space for you to recover at your own pace, find new sober friends, and track your progress along the way,

Each sober app out there features a variety of services. While some only function as sober trackers, other apps serve as a way to connect with others in more meaningful ways during every step of the recovery process.

Recovery is not just one day, it is the little steps you can take each day to live and love being sober. Here are the 9 best sobriety apps for android and ios out there for you to download and check out.

1. Loosid

Loosid is the most comprehensive sobriety app available on the market. Across android and ios devices, Loosid offers daily support that is tangible for every step and stage of sobriety.

Within the app, you have access to the latest features that bring sober support to a whole new level. Talk with other community members across topics and engage in conversation with other like-minded people in a safe and encouraging environment.

Exclusive to the app is also the dating feature that can be turned on when you feel ready to find a great sober single to share life with. The dating feature takes away the unnecessary stress that other dating apps hold around drinking and bring a more comfortable feel for sober singles to meet up in alcohol-free locations.

Beyond chatting with community members, you are able to listen to Recovery Voices, which features experts, authors, athletes, actors, and professionals who are leading voices in the addiction and recovery space. Learn from others as you navigate recovery and discuss with other members your responses to each episode.

Loosid is the first to bring a new update that serves as a sobriety and addiction mentor. SAMTM helps you track sobriety, build a foundation of positive habits, and connect you to treatment centers and resources for recovery. With a digital resource as your guide, and a strong community supporting you, you can find fun in your sober journey.

2. Sober Grid

Sober Grid claims to be the best sobriety app out there with geosocial networking and a safe online space for members to share their stories.

Sober Grid is all about peer-to-peer certified coaching and building a community around your recovery journey. Within the app, you can choose to be anonymous or have a username where you can contribute to community board topics and follow subjects in a curated sober newsfeed. Find topics you feel comfortable talking about and connect with other online members who are along the same path as you.

Last year, the app introduced Sober Up! The new podcast features insight from a variety of individuals who are overcoming addiction, as well as people who are supporting someone in recovery. Each podcast is a short twenty minutes that make it an ideal podcast to listen to on your commute or while out for a run.

The app also gives the space for providers to give additional support within the app. The app pairs with treatment plans and can be utilized as a digital resource when other facilities may not be available. Sober Grid is the app to use when you are looking for community, or are looking for extra support through certified peer-to-peer coaching.

3. Sober Tool

Sober Tool is ideal if you are new to sobriety, or have a lot of stress surrounding negative emotions or cravings related to your sober journey. If you have struggled with sobriety before, Sober Tool is designed to help you manage feelings, emotions, and circumstances that may lead to a potential relapse.

The sobriety app includes a clear way to navigate topics and quickly search about your feelings to find answers to assist with your needs. While the resources available through the app are not direct to a health provider or treatment center, it can serve as support when you are looking for more information quickly on how to navigate a specific situation or a trigger.

There is a chat capability also built into the app that allows for anonymous personal messages and comments from you and other members that are a part of the same online community in the app. Topics cover a wide range of ideas, experiences, and personal journeys that can help you discover new paths for your sober journey.

While the interface for Sober Tool is slightly outdated, it still is a viable app that people find helpful throughout recovery.

4. I am Sober

I am Sober is a sober app created to build community and reinforce positive personal habits. The app features a clear visualization of how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have been alcohol-free.

Unique to I am Sober is the ability to write daily pledges. Pledges are a way to reaffirm your choices each day and give guidance for how you want to navigate sobriety in your life. At the end of each day, the app will prompt you to review how you did throughout the day.

With the ability to log notes you can look back on encouraging words, past pledges, and uncertainties that can help you better understand what you need for long-term recovery. Journal notes can also be sent to friends or family members who you may need support from as you navigate uncertainty or triggers.

When you enter your sober date, it also will generate a withdrawal timeline. While not every person will experience withdrawal symptoms the same, there are a few aspects to be aware of as you start your sober journey. The app shares what other individuals have experienced on the same day of sobriety, as well as give encouragement as you just are starting out.

Keep in mind that I am Sober mainly serves as a sobriety tracker, but it also can be utilized as a journal or to connect with the vibrant online community.

5. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson

Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson is a sobriety app that takes an entirely different approach to sober living. The app is designed for those who find themselves drinking too much when trying to relax. As an alternative, the app guides you through calming motivations to help you improve your mindset around relaxation and drinking.

Andrew Johnson is a mindfulness expert, coach, and therapist who specializes in guided relaxations, meditations, and breathing exercises. With raving reviews across android and ios devices, people have found peace through learning new techniques to manage stress and reduce their drinking habits.

The app includes short meditations that you can listen to while on the way to work, while out for a walk, or at home while you are winding down for the day. The inspirational sessions include new ways to face hard challenges and discover confidence within yourself to get through anything life throws your way.

With mindfulness stories to build healthy habits and new techniques to learn for relaxation, you will be ready to face the day with an app that serves as a constant encourager and digital companion.

6. Nomo

Nomo was born from a passion project but continues to be a great app that people enjoy. The interface is easy to navigate and has one of the highest rates for the best sobriety app across android and ios devices.

The app is designed to be a habit breaker and to show you how your habits affect other aspects of your life. Within the app, you can track milestones, meet goals, and see how much money you have saved along the way.

Nomo features a refocus section in the app that guides your thoughts away from cravings or triggers. Those who are helping others through recovery have also found the refocus aspect a helpful tool in moving thoughts away from stress and negativity. If you are having trouble moving your thoughts away from cravings or triggers, Nomo is the ideal app for distracting your mind to reaffirm positive habits.

The main functionality of the app has an unlimited amount of clocks you can create to help break old habits and track your sobriety. If you are having a hard day, you can visit the encouragement wall within the app where other online members share kind and encouraging words to get you through tough moments.

Nomo is mainly a sobriety tracker, but it can be paired with partners and function as a messaging app to keep on track with your accountability partner.

7. Twenty Four Hours A Day

Twenty Four Hours a Day is a sobriety app created by Hazelden Publishing. The app is more reading and listening based with meditations, prayers, the Twelve Steps, and the Twelve Traditions. With the Big Book in hand, you can bookmark pages or reread sections that were meaningful to you.

Twenty Four Hours A Day is one of the more simpler apps on the market, but it continues to be a reliable one for people who are a part of a 12-Step program or are just starting out on their sober journey and are looking for more guidance on how to start the recovery process.

The app does not feature chat capability and does not have a newsfeed to connect with other community members. However, you can share daily readings with friends where you can start a conversation that may be helpful to you in processing the information you are reading.

8. AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker functions much differently than other apps on the market. AlcoDroid is an alcohol consumption tracker that is able to provide an accurate view of your drinks diary and blood alcohol content calculator for each drink you have had. As an extra option, you can also track how much money you have spent or saved on drinks.

AlcoDroid is the only sobriety app that gives an estimate of your blood alcohol content for the drinks you log within the drinks diary. Seeing an overview of your drinking habits daily, weekly, and monthly may help you find ways to create new habits or understand your triggers better. Within the app, you can set your drinking goals, as well as create drink presets for quick logging while you are out.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker is designed for those who are sober curious, or for those who are looking to monitor their alcohol content more closely. While the app does not offer a variety of services, it has proven to be helpful for tracking alcohol blood content and giving an estimate to help people in their sober journey.

9. 12 Step Toolkit

12 Step Toolkit is a simple app that includes all 164 pages of the Big Book and guides you through each step in the 12 Step Program. Through a yearly subscription, you can have access to AA readings and 70 extra stories that have been featured in the first and second editions of the Big Book.

12 Step Toolkit is a unique sober app for giving tangible guides across each step. Not only does the app feature the 12 Steps, but it also gives more information about how to reach and navigate each step of the process.

Within the app, you can write notes on your sober journey and share the information with friends when you need encouragement. 12 Step Toolkit is designed for people who are looking for a 12 Step companion and not anything extra within the app. With the basic needs of information and encouragement covered, the app has helped thousands of people start a life of sobriety.

Get The Best of Sobriety

The right sobriety app is out there waiting to be downloaded onto your android or ios device. Sobriety apps serve as a digital companion, a resource to look through, and a way to connect with a sober community. Find what you need in an app to learn more about yourself and find grounding when you need it.

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