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Sober day counters are an important part of recovery. From tracking smaller milestones to bigger goals of sobriety, a sobriety app can serve as a tool of accountability and encouragement on a daily basis. 

With the latest technology sober day counters can be customizable and adaptable according to your recovery care needs. When looking for the right sober app for you, there are few key aspects to keep an eye out for. 

Look for, 

  • Customizable options for labeling counters
  • Widget or notification capability for reminders
  • Addiction resources that are easily accessible within the app
  • Ability to connect with a sober community 
  • Personalized options to keep on track

Keeping those aspects in mind can help you narrow your search for the ideal addiction app to guide you through the highs and lows of recovery. 

  1. 12 Steps AA Companion

When searching for a sobriety app, 12 Steps AA Companion is often the first one to come up. The app includes all 164 pages of the Big Book with the ability to save chapters to return to later. 

The app makes it easy for members of AA to reference during meetings and gives the ability to contact accountability partners or treatment centers. Keep in mind the most current version only has the 1st and 2nd edition of the Big Book and does not include updated stories. 

Despite it being an older edition app, the features still offer a safe space to reference prayers, promises, and to keep track of sober days. 

  1. Loosid

Count sober days in a brighter light with the app that chooses a different approach in the addiction app market. Loosid offers more than just a sober day counter in its resources. It also includes boozeless guides that act as a beacon when looking for sober friendly events and restaurants. 

By taking the stress out of social gatherings, sobriety has the opportunity to be fun. When not accessing local events, there is the capability to connect to a vibrant digital community that has conversations surrounding sobriety every day. 

From tracking sober days to looking for other sober singles through the dating feature, Loosid has multiple layers of living in recovery covered all within one app. 

  1. Quitzilla

Quitzilla is an app for breaking bad habits related to addiction. With an encompassing view of habits, you can track progress right down to the very second. 

By tracking abstinence through time and calculating the amount of money saved, you can analyze habits to overcome them. As a result, money previously used for addictions can be repurposed into positive rewards in recovery. 

When a tough day arises, the sobriety app includes a motivation tab where you can input reasons for quitting addiction and receive notifications to keep on track. At the heart of the app is a sober counter that provides an easy customizable path for understanding and overcoming bad habits. 

  1. Dry Days

Dry Days holds space for staying motivated through the unique feature of a report card. A report card shows monthly achievements by displaying gold trophies on the days you achieved a dry day, along with a tracker to count sober days. 

Through the dashboard, you can view weekly progress, money saved, and your current streak. Just below dry day achievements is access to addiction help resources that give more information on how to sleep better and have more energy throughout the day when overcoming addiction.

The sober tracker mainly focuses on how your sleep, mood, and money are affected by addiction. With those aspects in mind, there are tips and tricks provided for when the urge to drink comes. 

  1. Sobriety Counter

If you are looking for a free app that centers on the health aspects of overcoming addiction, Sobriety Counter may be a good choice for you. 

The countdown timer improves results through showing statistics in a calm menu that displays how many times you beat an urge, the number of drinks passed, the lifetime regained, and a percentage of total health achievements. 

With an array of badges to earn, there adds an added sense of achievement in recovery. Included within the sober app is a matching pairs game that is designed to refocus your mind and increase memory retention.

  1. AA 12 Step Toolkit – 12 Steps Recovery Box

AA 12 Step Toolkit – 12 Steps Recovery Box takes a fresh perspective when it comes to the Big Book. With in-app sponsorship and a sobriety calculator, the journey in recovery is supported on a daily basis within the convenience of one app. 

Unlike other apps out there, AA 12 Step Toolkit provides a way to color code and organize inventories for you to access them without confusion. The journal within the quit drinking app gives space for notes and includes the ability to lock others out with a PIN code. 

Direct messaging with sponsors streamlines the process for connecting with a sober community and serves as an everyday companion for recovery. 

  1. Nomo

Nomo is the app to turn to when a sobriety clock is your main focus. The app prides itself on being a free resource for customizable clocks and milestones for sobriety.

The stats allow for tracking anything from money saved to calories burned, which gives the opportunity to assess the sober journey along the way. Alongside personalized clocks, the app provides the ability to share clocks with sponsors, counselors, friends, family, and accountability partners. 

While the app is simple, it really is what you make of it. If you are on the search for a straightforward approach in counting sober days, bad habits, and recovery milestones, then Nomo is the place for you.

  1. Sober Buddy

Sober Buddy is made to be a companion tool wherever you go. The app includes evidence-based challenges and resources that provide avenues for you to get sober and stay on track.

Instead of just serving as a sober tracker, the app includes advice for your moods and direct relapse help that guides you through a tough day. Along the journey are checkpoints where Sober Buddy asks about milestones reached and future goals ahead for you to never feel alone in recovery.

The app provides a roadmap that includes virtual support to reduce drug and alcohol use that reach outside of traditional methods. Complete with articles that cover a range of topics for recovery, you can find multiple ways for support all within one personable app. 

  1. WeConnect

WeConnect reaches deeper to scientifically supported results that work alongside recovery health plans. While the app can be utilized by health providers, it also can be a digital companion for those in inpatient or outpatient recovery care. 

The mobile app focuses on the importance of building daily routines that focus on your health first, alongside new habits that build the road to recovery. Within the app you can view your progress from the main dashboard and track recovery activities. 

Along the way you can celebrate victories with built-in reward systems to earn gift cards and stay accountable in recovery. WeConnect is all about positive reinforcement through daily routines, 1-on-1 support and recovery insights for a higher chance of long term recovery. 

  1. Sober Time

Sober Time averages at 4.7 stars for reviews and is a powerful motivation tool for many in recovery. The app notifies you with daily motivational messages and quotes that serve as a reminder to check-in with yourself. 

The ability to track sobriety includes clean time goals and statistics on how much money you have saved throughout recovery. As a result, you can share progress with friends, family, and accountability partners to celebrate your well-earned achievement. 

The interface is easy to navigate and has calming customizable backgrounds for a personal feel to daily interaction on the app. Beyond the sober counter, the quit drinking app includes a strong community of like-minded individuals who are looking for others in recovery to connect with. 

  1. I Am Sober

Write daily pledges, share your story, and keep track of sober days all within one app. I Am Sober is addiction help through the form of community by sharing and connecting stories, analyzing personal daily patterns, and building new habits. 

The sober day tracker allows for you to fully visualize how long you have been sober that includes the ability to review days and log notes. Sobriety is a 24-hour challenge, which is why the app makes the experience customizable to your specific addictions and guides you through the withdrawal process.

The accountability of the app gives daily summaries and checks in if you achieved your daily pledge. I Am Sober is the app to turn to for tracking sobriety with personalized notes, pictures, and stories that impact your sober journey. 

Sober Counters For Every Day Reminders

Downloading a sober day counter is more than just a daily reminder. It is the ability to feel motivated and supported by a digital companion that does not judge the process towards sobriety. 

With the simple convenience of daily notifications, you can access addiction help 24/7 from anywhere that includes strong sober communities, milestones that feel achievable, and the ability to view progress along the way. 


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