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Sober Tips May 14th 2024

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How do we get back our self- esteem?

This is a very common question with a very simple answer.

In our active addiction, self-esteem is one of the first things to go. How do we gain back our self-esteem? By doing esteemable acts.

Focus each day to doing an esteemable act. Reach out to a friend who you know is struggling and simply let them know you are thinking about them and they are not alone.

Go up to a homeless person an offer to buy them a cup of coffee or sandwich if you can afford it.

Ask the cashier at the store their name. Wish them a great day.

We tend to severely underestimate the power of simply recognizing a person and acknowledging them as an equal. Why? Because we are all equal.

Little acts of self-esteem will build momentum. Before you know it, you will be beaming with self-esteem.

How did this tip resonate with you? What are 3 esteemable acts you can do today?
Let us know your thoughts below. There are many people in the Loosid community who need to hear what you have to say.

With Love, Loosid

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