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Meet SAMTM – Sobriety & Addiction Mentor

A complete recovery tool that supports your entire sober journey.

How SAMTM can help

Track Sobriety
Understand how your mood affects your sobriety
Build Habits
Build a daily foundation of actions to stay sober
Pair your account to a treatment center or sponsor
Sobriety Reports
Receive a weekly summary of your sober journey
Sober Network
Create a sober network to support you through your journey

Your Sober Mentor

a 365-day a year journey to make it easy navigate your sobriety and receive daily support and guidance one day at a time

Daily Check In

With a simple tap of a button, keep progress on how you are feeling each day and throughout the week.

Daily Checklist

Complete simple assignments and daily checklists to stay on track and keep your spiritual toolkit full!

Track Your Progress

Keep a sober health check by viewing reports on how you are doing each day, week and month.

Build your sober network

Building a sober network will be critical in your sober journey. Getting connected and staying connected with ‘accountability partners’ is one of the keys to recovery.