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When setting up a date with someone new, it often comes with the phrase do you want to grab a drink somewhere? 

The question in itself can often invite unwanted triggers and responses when it comes to drinking. Sober dating is more than just finding a different place to meet up than the bar, it is actively holding another person and yourself accountable to sobriety. 

When you consciously make sober dating a part of your life, it can lead to stronger relationships that support your decisions. It is why singles are looking to sober dating apps for the future of relationships. Sober dating gives the chance to get to know someone on a deeper level without having to enter an environment that may compromise recovery. 

With the ability to think of more creative ways to go out and get to know someone on a date, you have the chance to not only make a connection, but to make a lasting impression. Who knows, you may just find the love of your life on the best sobriety app out there!

There are a few ways that sober dating apps help you date in a meaningful way, all without the booze. Follow this guide to learn how to cultivate meaningful ways to sober date, and find a community of people who are on the same journey as you. 

Meet Sober Singles

The most obvious thing a dating app can bring to the table is the ability to meet other like-minded singles. Dating through regular apps does not give the option to search for other sober people, which can hinder many in recovery from even wanting to try.

Anxiety often surrounds the idea of dating, especially for those who were previously in codependent relationships that enabled drinking habits. When you can focus on other aspects of your life beyond drinking, there are new ways to navigate and learn about someone without the need to calm anxiety through old negative habits. 

Meeting other sober singles can sometimes aid recovery, as you both have come to understand the importance of living a life without alcohol. 

Best Sobriety Apps For Dating

The ideal sobriety app for dating is one that gives you the space to be yourself. Many dating apps encourage a form of online presence that can be disingenuous. Profiles on regular dating apps can feel rigid without the ability to showcase what you love to do and who you are as a person. 

That is why the top apps for sober singles are leading the way towards stronger profile presence and better matches for those looking for love. 

The top apps for sober singles include, 


Loosid is more than just the top sober living app out there, it has the ability to switch on the dating feature to connect with other local singles in the area who are looking for a fun way to explore a life of sobriety with someone who understands what they have been through.

The dating app gives you the room to breathe in creating a profile that is uniquely you through sharing interests, creating a more in-depth bio about who you are, and uploading your favorite pictures. 

Clean and Sober

Clean and Sober inspires love in recovery in a whole new way. While sobriety can feel like a serious thing, it does not have to be when it comes to dating. The app gives you the chance to learn about other sober singles in your area and decide on a great place for a date to meet up. 

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is not specifically a dating app, but it does offer features to connect in community through the app. It helps connect local groups, talk through messaging, and potentially meet up with a like-minded single!

The best sobriety apps for dating are ones that give you the chance to see a different way of meeting people, outside of parties or situations that could cause a relapse. With community and 24/7 chat support, you will be able to reach out for advice or calm anxiety or triggers leading up to a first date. 

Single and Sober

Single and Sober believes dating in recovery is possible, it just takes the right person. With resources about sober dating and the ability to meet up with people who are also in recovery, you can rest easy about not having to explain why you chose to not drink.

The founders encourage anyone who is not ready to date yet, to take a break and focus on recovery. The sober dating app will be there when you are ready to get back out there again. 

How To Date Without The Booze 

It sounds simple to just date without the booze, but because it is ingrained in society, it can feel like an expected behavior when going out. Dating without the booze means knowing where to go that will not cause either person to feel tempted to ease the initial jitters through alcohol. 

First, Consult a Boozeless Guide

Loosid offers boozeless guides that are city and region-specific for an accurate look on places and events to go to that may be close to you. A boozeless guide can help you determine where to meet up that will not make alcohol at the forefront of the evening.

Anywhere from music events, local art exhibitions, to karaoke nights and dining experiences, a boozeless guide gives that little extra insight into what may be a safe environment for a date. Even more so, you can find other sober people to connect within the community through locally posted events. 

Ask Sober Friends About Good Places For a Date

If you are not sure where to go, ask sober or sober curious friends who may know places that offer a fun atmosphere that is alcohol-free. It may take a little creativity in thinking about places, but there are plenty of options within many cities that offer an alternative experience.

Community groups may also have insight on where to go on a date. Check out your local community center for sober events that may be an ideal hangout, or peruse online for local venues offering events that sound interesting to you. 

Be Creative 

When you think of your perfect date, what comes to mind? 

Is it walking through a nearby park with coffee in hand? A small music event at a local restaurant? Exploring a new art exhibition at a museum? Competitively playing a new game at a board game cafe? 

Whatever your ideal date is, be creative!

It may seem like conventional locations are the place to meet up for a date, but there are always other options available. Find a common activity you both love and see what your city can provide when you look for unique places to further learn about each other’s interests. 

Never Compromise Recovery

The key to dating is to stick to your goals and values about not drinking. Keep yourself accountable with a sober living app that reminds you why you stopped drinking and what your goals are moving forward. 

When you got on a date, do not settle for a location that brings anxiety about a relapse. You never have to explain if you feel uncomfortable in a location or feel triggered. Do what feels best to keep yourself safe and your mind at ease. 

Be Confident and In Control

There may have been dates in the past that felt out of control when the alcohol kicked in in your system. Dating without booze allows you to be fully yourself, and fully in control. It may feel nerve-wracking at first, but being in control allows you to learn more about a person and remember the details without strain or worry. 

Being in control does not mean less fun either. If anything, it is more fun to be engaged in an activity with a new date that you actually enjoy. Even if you do not see something happening long term, you can still say you had a good afternoon or evening out getting to know someone new. 

Trust Your Gut

Like any dating situation, trust your gut. Your intuition is going to be the strongest aspect of knowing whether the person you chose to go on a date with is the right fit. Past experiences may have blocked your ability to listen to your gut more carefully, which is why dating without booze can help guide your compass for a better read on what you want in a date, and in a relationship. 

Always put measures in place to keep yourself safe, even when on a sober dating app. Make sure you have a friend you can call if you feel triggered or need a way to transition away from a date that may have taken a different turn then you expected. 

Mindfully Date Without The Booze

Without involving alcohol, you can mindfully pick your date through a sobriety dating app that offers more chances for common interest and shared past experience. 

Sobriety is not the end of the fun, it is the beginning of stronger and healthier relationships that you can put your trust in. By actively being mindful of who you decide to meet up for a date, you can feel more confident in yourself, in your choices, and ultimately have one of the best dates of your life.

Do not let sobriety stop you from meeting a like-minded sober single who is looking for creative ways to have fun, and potentially, the opportunity to meet their perfect match (it could be you!). 


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