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If you are looking for a treatment center in New York, learn more about the following centers that may be the right location to find a specialized approach to drug and alcohol recovery. 

  1. Cazenovia Recovery Systems 

Cazenovia Recovery Systems has multiple treatment centers available across New York. Their approach to care addresses how individuals can succeed through early steps in recovery. Programs that are offered include substance abuse counseling, basic primary care, family counseling, and mental health treatment services. 

Cazenovia Recovery Systems also offers affordable and safe housing across New York that include multiple house locations, rental subsidies, security deposit capability, and wraparound services. By giving the environment to recover safely, individuals can feel supported in trauma-informed care. 

As a treatment center, the perspective on programs focus on aspects that affect the specific population in the area, as well as personalized care for individuals. Topics in group and individual counseling meetings range across boundaries, mental health, employment goals, family issues, stress management, mindfulness techniques, and gender-based topics. 

With evidence-based practices when it comes to a treatment center, 83% of residents remain drug and alcohol free during their stay. 

  1. Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Since Hazelden’s establishment in 1949, it has had programs that serve as a high-standard for quality and integrity when it comes to assisting those in recovery. The steps in recovery are based on the Twelve Step principles and practices, but offer more than just group meetings or individual counseling for long-term prevention strategies. 

When Hazelden merged with Betty Ford in 1982, drug addiction and the promise of recovery became more tangible for thousands of individuals looking for programs that work. Members have access to 24/7 recovery tools across apps, books, meditations, and inspirations for daily reminders. 

When searching for an “inpatient rehab near me, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation may appear in your area. The organization has multiple locations across the United states and offers mental health treatment and specialized treatment services for all ages. 

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation focuses on clinical care, education, and research to manage addiction and provide mental health prevention, treatment, and recovery. Programs include inpatient and outpatient addiction care, as well as virtual services for coaching. Search for a “treatment center near me” to learn more. 

  1. Walter Hoving Home New York

John and Elsie Benton started their first recovery home back in 1967, in part thanks to the help of the Jones Foundation and Walter Hoving who helped find the first facility to host women in recovery. Since the establishment of the first location, Walter Hoving Home has served thousands of women who have been able to reclaim their lives through addiction help

Walter Hoving Home is rooted in religious principles that guide the recovery process and seek help through Christ. The environment surrounding recovery is meant to add support through love, strength, and teachings that assist individuals and families. 

*Please note: Since this program leans toward a particular religious background, please look at other facilities on this post if this is not your denomination.

With programs specific to women with children, Walter Hoving offers more to the recovery process for those in need of further services to get back on the road to recovery. Across their five locations, Walter Hoving Home has impacted 25,265 women with a 82% success rate for recovery.


  1. Wellbridge

Wellbridge is a brand new facility that offers high-quality clinical care for individuals suffering from addiction. All treatments are customized to specific needs which include medical detox, rehabilitation, therapy, counseling, brain training, and group therapy. 

The environment features a private location on 96 acres of campus that is surrounded by pine forests. Programs seek to provide inclusive services for managing addiction habits and potential relapses through withdrawal management, residential rehabilitation programs, and extended stay to secure a solid foundation moving forward. 

The principles for treatment are through the lens of solid scientific evidence with a team of scientists and researchers who seek to find continual new approaches for addiction recovery. 

Wellbridge partners with Cigna, Northwell Health, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, United Healthcare, and Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield to bring a breadth of resources for recovery care to ensure individuals find treatment programs that lead to long-term recovery success. 

  1. The Dunes East Hampton

The Dunes East Hampton is a luxury rehab center in New York with a mission to help people find lasting freedom from addiction. The environment is designed to be safe, comfortable, and for residents to feel supported by compassionate and knowledgeable therapists. 

Residences include private luxury, holistic recovery, and executive recovery to suit different needs and flexibility within a rehab program. Alongside residential treatment, there is a 90 day program, intensive outpatient care, and aftercare that includes a plan for long-term recovery. 

The practices are rooted in evidence-based drug rehab and alcohol rehab that follows the guidelines of Syndrome Model of Addiction that focuses on the many expressions of addiction. Expressions of addiction include alcohol, drugs, excessive eating, shopping, and sex. Each addiction has a blended approach for effective treatment that is holistic and clinical. 

Each program is specifically designed for the individual in addiction recovery which includes psychological and physical evaluations, behavior-focused protocols, emotional education and therapy, physical rejuvenation, and spiritual awakening. Specialized treatment therapies also include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and modalities to match client needs. 

  1. Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc.

Villa Veritas Foundation, Inc. background started back in 1957 where Jim Cusack began helping people find ways towards sobriety in the back of his folk’s candy store. In his desire to follow the Alcoholics Anonymous principle to pass on sobriety to others and years of hard work, Jim and his wife Sue were able to open their first villa.

The principles that guide the foundation still take on a hands-on approach that is compassionate in nature and focused on interdisciplinary approaches to treatment. With the wisdom of the 12 Steps of Recovery program, the center draws upon current medical, mental health, and holistic approaches for long-term recovery.

As an addiction help center, the programs include inpatient treatment, men and women’s programs, as well as a family programs. Alongside programs, there is a recreational aspect to the treatment process that includes opportunity to participate in yoga, tai chi chuan, qigong, and access to a gym facility. 

  1. New Hope Manor

Based in New York, New Hope Manor is a 820 certified residential substance abuse treatment center for women. Their approach is research-based and trauma informed that has the ability to care for women 13 years of age and up. For women who are pregnant or have children under the age of three, their children are able to stay with them while in treatment.

Their location in Barryville, New York offers stabilization and rehabilitation programs, as well as reintegration services in their location at Poughkeepsie, New York. The flexibility for variable stays within the stabilization program allows for individuals with mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms to have the support and supervision they need for long-term recovery. 

Medical services include 24-hour care, medically supervised detox, pediatric care, mental health counseling, family therapy, and medical case management. Additional services include therapeutic groups, mother-infant programs, and vocational counseling. 

  1. Ascendant New York

Ascendant New York has evidence-based treatment methods that seek to help individuals live a life free from substance and alcohol abuse. Treatment programs include substance abuse treatment, residential detox, alcohol detox, drug detox, and outpatient care. 

The treatment center’s holistic approach addresses the whole individual, and not just the addiction itself. Recovery planning assesses the variety of ways individuals can find wellbeing and focus on relief of the mind, body, and spirit across the recovery journey. 

Supportive services include yoga, acupressure, tai chi, meditation sessions, and daily meals prepared by a professional chef that are comforting and nutritious. With an environment that is designed for tranquility, individuals are able to focus on their wellness. Ascendent New York has multiple treatment centers that can be found by searching “inpatient rehab near me” to find the closest one to your location. 

  1. St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center, Inc.

St. Joseph’s Rehabilitation Center takes a clinical approach that intertwines behavioral change with the spiritual side of long-term recovery. Services include inpatient residential care, outpatient treatment care, veterans residential care, incarcerated individual treatment care, family programs, aftercare support, and open access services. 

Lengths of stay often vary and are decided by the medical supervisor and what each individual needs in order to stay in recovery. The center also offers mobile units to aid individuals who are not able to access transportation. 

Search for a “treatment center near me” and one of five New York locations should appear near you. The centers offer round-the-clock care and can immediately provide screening and risk assessment to determine mental health concerns, addictions, and other co-occuring health issues. 

  1. Seafield Center

Seafield Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center that has helped over 30,000 people rebuild their lives beyond addiction. Since opening in 1985, individuals have received comprehensive care for addiction services.

The center’s mission is to be passionate and professional in providing a source for hope, healing, and transformation. Inpatient detox is available for men and women over the age of 16, where a treatment plan can be determined after a thorough medical assessment. 

Individuals are assigned a primary counselor who is able to assist throughout the day across group counseling, workshops, individual sessions, and supplemental care. 12 Step Recovery meetings are held daily alongside special counseling that is able to address co-occurring disorders. 

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