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Alcohol recovery apps highlight and feature multiple aspects that can find digital and real-world solutions for what you need on a daily basis. 

Many apps emphasize sobriety tracking and the importance of community support, particularly when it comes to learning how to lead a sober lifestyle that you can connect with online and in the local area. 

Learn more about the best alcohol recovery apps of 2024 to find what works best alongside your recovery journey. 

1. Loosid

Loosid is one of the best created apps for recovery through the founder’s vision to change the stigmas surrounding addiction as a whole. By shifting the social issues surrounding addiction, Loosid serves as a sober app that is designed to bring a fun lifestyle back into sobriety. 

Features include community chat boards that cover a variety of topics to assist you to find like-minded people who understand what you are going through. Unique to Loosid is it’s focus on social resources for bars, restaurants, and events that are sober friendly. By taking away the anxiety surrounding social events, the app acts as a liaison for insider knowledge to how a sober lifestyle that is fun can be possible for every individual. 

Included within the app is a dating feature created for sober singles. Singles are able to connect with other members who are looking for sober love and an individual that understands what they have gone through to achieve sobriety. 

Addiction help resources also are included to provide local and regional contact numbers for you to get immediate and long-term support through hotlines and treatment centers. In their fresh approach to addiction recovery, it serves as an app that is moving with the times into a fun, alcohol-free future. 

2. SoberTool

SoberTool is one of the top downloaded recovery apps in the last year for the active role it plays in enhancing individuals daily recovery routines. The app highlights progress by sending you daily reminders of encouragement and progress tracking to ensure your mind stays focused on the goals you set for yourself. 

As a sobriety app, it asks questions for individuals to answer that give prompts in return about how to manage cravings and negative emotions that may arise. As a preventative tool, it helps manage potential relapse episodes by directing you to immediate resources and tools for a faster response before a situation can become worse. 

Like many recovery apps, SoberTool has a chat function where you can anonymously share messages and connect with other people who are on the same recovery journey as you. The app was designed by an educated and licensed alcoholism counselor who utilizes scientifically proven techniques that have effective results for those looking to overcome a variety of addictions. 

3. Twenty-Four Hours a Day

Hazelden Publishing’s Twenty-Four Hours a Day app is ideal for drawing inspiration wherever your thought patterns lead throughout the day. The app has over 366 daily meditations from the best-selling book for people who are in recovery from addiction. 

Features are provided to serve as a companion to calming stress, anxiety, and depression that surrounds addiction. With daily notifications for encouraging messages, members are able to draw upon the guidance of the messages to manage cravings and refocus mental patterns. 

All 366 daily messages are searchable by keyword and favorite messages are able to be starred to revisit when it is needed the most. With the app as a companion, it serves as a recovery app that offers daily meditation, affirmation, and encouragement to keep on track for a long-term recovery journey. 

4. Sober Grid

Sober Grid is a mobile recovery community that gives daily quests, encourages through inspiration, and allows you to connect with groups nearby. It is a free app that can be personalized to your specific situation with tracking capability for accountability. 

For addiction help, it utilizes certified peer recovery coaching that is evidence-based. Coaches are those who have struggled with addiction themselves and know exactly what you, or a loved one may be going through. As an active participant, coaches are able to help guide you throughout the process of recovery and can be contacted quickly through the app. 

The app includes a sober newsfeed where members can access resources and communicate with other like-minded sober people. It serves as a safe place for you to share personal thoughts and respond to others who may be feeling the same way. 

Sober Grid also features a geosocial networking opportunity that can be turned on to let you know other sober people who are nearby and who want to connect to a sober community. Whether you are new to town, or are looking to meet new sober people in the area, the app is a great start for finding help and expanding your sober community. 

5. Nomo

Nomo is a free app and always will be, as the developer is someone who has suffered from addiction themselves. It is a quit drinking app that focuses on creating personalized clocks that monitor and aid the recovery process. 

As you reach new milestones with the clocks you created, you can earn chips that serve as a reward for achieving your goals. Check-in timestamps ensure you are reminded and encouraged to stay on track with recovery. 

If you feel you are losing focus while experiencing cravings or negative emotions, the app provides refocusing exercises to help move your attention away from a potential relapse. Nomo also provides accountability partner searching where you can find someone who empowers your journey forward in sober living. 

While each clock can be created for a range of topics surrounding addiction, the app makes an emphasis on mental health support to ensure recovery is more manageable on a daily basis. 

6. I am Sober

There are thousands of individuals across the world who are suffering from alcohol addiction. Addiction can often feel isolating, which is why I am Sober focuses on connecting you with others who have the same addiction as you. 

There have been over two million stories shared in the community that center around addiction and recovery. As a way to encourage others, the app gives the space to learn from others where you can comment and connect with someone who has had a similar experience to you. 

Instead of milestones or clocks, the app designed pledges you can make to build new habits. At the end of the day, you can review your progress and analyze how you reacted to triggers and patterns throughout the day. 

The sober app also features a sobriety calculator, daily tracker, and a withdrawal timeline. With a customizable experience on the app, you can emphasize where you need motivation in your life and how to meet your sober lifestyle needs. 

7. Pocket Rehab

Pocket Rehab is an anonymous recovery support community that focuses on helping people who struggle directly or indirectly with addiction. The recovery app features 24/7 support through the “My Lifeline” button to provide relapse prevention that is supported through their online community of volunteer providers. Members can text, call, or video chat with community members that are certified to assist with addiction and recovery. 

With real-time support, the app serves as a direct way for you to engage with recovery coaches and ready to guide next steps as needed. As an extension of the app, there is also the element of accountability through daily tasks for check-ins, journal prompts, and Q&A opportunities. 

Active resources help you find a recovery plan that works for your specific needs. From finding local meetings to checking into a treatment center, Pocket Rehab helps you find specialists to support and uplift you throughout the recovery journey. 

The app developers seek to change the stigmas surrounding addiction, alcoholism, and mental disorders through their app that offers anonymity for business professionals, military officials, celebrities, and well-known public figures. 

8. AA 12 Step Recovery Box

AA 12 Step Recovery Box is a newer app that focuses on online sponsorship, 12 Step guidance, and a recovery calculator with detailed statistics to keep on track. While the app is more expensive than others in the same market, it still holds features that have helped thousands of individuals find assistance throughout recovery. 

The app features an awakening inventory to support step 4 and step 10 in the 12 step process. A panel of emojis help clarify feelings when you first wake up to keep track of how you are feeling on any given day. Based on the Big Book, inventories can be created for different aspects, ranging from resentment, fear, and harms done. Inventories can also be personalized and color coded for more organization in daily recovery support. 

Alongside inventories, members can create gratitude lists and respond to journal prompts that focus on mental clarity and lead to healthier routines moving forward. Notifications help members be encouraged by daily reminders, but also can be protected through a pin locking system that adds an extra layer of anonymity and security in accessing the quit drinking app

Best Alcohol Recovery Apps To Access Today

A sobriety app serves as a companion to your daily concerns, struggles, and hardships throughout the recovery journey. It is something that can champion your progress and provide immediate avenues to prevent relapses and lead you into a sober lifestyle you want to reach. 

From community forums to notifications on your phone to check-in with yourself, the best alcohol recovery apps can be accessed today for you to find the relief and support you have been looking for. 


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