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With a variety of sobriety apps to choose from, it can be hard to pick the right app to monitor, control, and quit drinking in 2024. Our guide is designed to show you what apps have been updated this year to bring you the best in how to get sober.

Here are a few things you want to look out for in a sobriety app,

  • How the app tracks sobriety
  • What milestones or rewards you can achieve
  • How the app offers personalized support
  • Where you can connect with a sober community
  • Whether the app includes a journal function
  • And what resources and services the app offers

Every person experiences recovery in a different way, which is why there are multiple apps to choose from that offer different services and levels of community engagement. By utilizing a quit drinking app, you can find the right resources you need for the stage you are at in recovery.

For some people, simply using a sobriety tracker helps monitor their progress. For others, they may need community encouragement or to hear from other people’s stories in order to understand their own. By recognizing what you may need for recovery, you can find the digital and in-person resources that prove to be the most helpful for you to monitor and quit drinking all together.

Utilizing a quit drinking app helps you learn more about your habits, which can lead to a shift in your daily approach to recovery.

With that in mind, let’s dive into the 7 best sobriety apps on the market that can serve as a digital companion and community for sober living.

1. Loosid

Loosid is the only app on the market that offers comprehensive services for active recovery support and for those who are sober curious.

The quit drinking app offers daily support through daily sober tips, an active online community, and direct access to hotlines and treatment centers. Within the app you can navigate to specific services you need, or search local sober-friendly locations to hangout at.

What makes Loosid stand out for the best sobriety app on the market is its encompassing approach to sobriety. Sobriety is not just tracking the days you have been alcohol-free, it also is about the friendships you make and the community you surround yourself with.

Loosid also had SAM – Sobriety & Addiction Mentor, is a comprehensive recovery tool designed to support every aspect of your sober journey. It helps you track sobriety by understanding how your mood affects it and build daily habits for sustained sobriety. It provides weekly sobriety reports, helps create a supportive sober network, and acts as a year-round mentor with daily check-ins and checklists. This tool also enables you to track your progress on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, ensuring you stay on track and maintain your sobriety health effectively.

Beyond daily personalized support, you also have access to Recovery Voices. Recovery Voices is an audio program that features leading voices from the addiction space. Episodes include talks with clinical experts, authors, athletes, actors, and professionals who have struggled with or supported someone through addiction. By listening to other stories with addiction, you can find better understanding of your own journey with sobriety.

Loosid is the app to go to if you are looking for more than just a sobriety tracker. With daily sober tips sent directly to your phone, you can feel confident in how to approach the day or navigate hard situations.

As an added feature, you can also turn on sober dating. The dating feature gives you the space to find other like-minded singles who are on the same path as you, and it even gives guides for where you can meet up in your local area for places that are sober friendly.

Find the fun in sobriety and discover a community waiting for you with the best app in how to get sober.

2. I am Sober

I am Sober hosts a strong online community that reinforces positive habits for monitoring, controlling, and quitting drinking. The app starts out as a sobriety counter, but also functions as a way to make daily pledges. Daily pledges are designed within the app to reinforce your reasons for quitting drinking and to provide a way to review your progress from the goals you have set for yourself.

If you need more support after journaling at the end of the day, the app lets you share your notes to a friend, family member, or sponsor who may be able to help you through uncertain emotions surrounding your sober journey.

The latest feature of I am Sober also includes a withdrawal timeline. If you are new to sobriety or have had issues with a relapse, the withdrawal timeline can help you see what may be coming on certain days. Along with certain symptoms that may arise, the app includes thoughts shared from the community from those who have experienced similar symptoms or uncertainties when first trying to get sober.

For monitoring, controlling, and quitting drinking, the app gives you the ability to seek out accountability groups and keep a close clock on drinking and other addictions through sobriety trackers. When signing up for the subscription, you can also include a list of reasons why you quit drinking and can upload photos to give yourself a visual reminder when triggers come up.

With daily reminders and an active online community, you can stay on track with your sober goals. If you need further resources or access to treatment centers, I am Sober does not provide further resources beyond the app. However, it is a great app to get you started when it comes to monitoring your progress and seeing a clear visual of your progress.

3. Sober Time

Sober Time is a quit drinking app that gives you the ability to personalize your experience on the app with customizable backgrounds and visual elements to showcase your achievements.

The app includes daily motivation by sending you notifications to your phone to check. You can wake up each day to check motivations that share practical advice for living in sobriety, as well as insights from experts, authors, and other members who are in recovery.

Hearing a motivational quote can help serve as a reminder each day, as well as start your day out on a positive note. If you have the time after checking the motivational message, you can journal about it and share it with friends to receive extra support.

The app also features a way to view how much money you have saved when you reach new sober milestones. By tracking your regular patterns, you can see in real-time how much progress you have made.

While the app tracks goals, it does not have further capability of researching other resources to help with addiction. The app serves as a reminder and a tracker, but it will need to be paired with further services if you are looking for something more than just a sobriety tracker.

Despite the app not having further resources, you can hop onto the messaging boards called Talking Sober. Thousands of members contribute to the topics a day to share their struggles, triumphs, and uncertainties as they navigate sobriety,

When you are ready, you can share your sober journey or other experiences you have had while learning how to get sober. Your story could directly impact another person who may be going through a similar experience.

Connect with the online community or keep track of your milestones, all within Sober Time as one of the best sobriety apps available to download on the Apple or Google Play store.

4. Sober Tool

Sober Tool takes a different approach when it comes to monitoring sobriety. The app serves as a way to provide support when you feel triggered or have recently relapsed. When you open the app you can quickly search one word feelings or emotions to find answers you can work through.

Learning how to get sober takes time, which is why the app focuses on the moments in between feeling confident in your sober journey. The app also features a chat forum where you can post anonymously how you are feeling. From personal messages to adding comments to other threads, you can receive support no matter where you are at in your sober journey.

Sober Tool is a great place to start if you are feeling stuck in recovery. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to recovery. The app is a pocket companion for when you need it as a support. Simply type in how you are feeling and look through the answers on the app to find an answer that resonates with you.

While it isn’t a direct response like a hotline can be, it can be helpful for those who need a little encouragement or steps to work through when experiencing triggers, cravings, or negative circumstances.

Sober Tool has not been updated recently, but it continues to be one of the top downloaded apps for tracking, understanding, and overcoming addiction. The app makes it easy to sign up and continues to be free for use.

5. Nomo

Nomo is the ultimate sobriety counter with unlimited clock capability. If you are looking for a way to closely monitor your progress, Nomo offers visual clocks that track your current streak, your max streak, and further insight into how much money you have saved.

The app helps you collect milestones along the way when you reach various lengths of sobriety. With positive affirmation with each goal achieved, you can see helpful stats that further encourage your journey in sobriety.

When you check in on the app, it gives timestamps to show you are actively engaging with your clocks to see your progress. As an optional bonus, you can share your clocks with friends, family members, accountability partners, sponsors, or providers.

To make a clock you can set your goals, as well as customize the color, category, and sobriety date. Add more clocks for other aspects of your life you monitor to make it more personalized for you.

Learning how to get sober starts with understanding your relation to addiction. Nomo can help you start that journey with clocks that give clear visualizations on your progress. The app also includes an encouragement wall where you can read affirming messages from other members who use the app. When you are feeling up for it, you can add encouraging messages for other people too.

Nomo is one of the few apps available that include a refocus category on the app. By clicking into it you can play mini games to help move your thoughts away from negative patterns, triggers, or cravings. When you are able to utilize the online tool while on the go, you can break old patterns and create new positive habits.

No matter where you are in your sober journey, Nomo serves as one of the top apps available for quitting addiction and staying the course in recovery.

6. Sobriety Counter

Sobriety Counter is a straightforward app for monitoring, controlling, and quitting drinking in 2024. The app provides a full overview of your statistics on the main page. With over 100 beautiful badges to collect for milestones reached, you can feel motivated to keep on track with each goal you set for yourself.

The app also includes a game of memory that is designed to distract your thoughts when you may have cravings or triggers. The game is engaging, colorful, and includes fun icons to keep your memory sharp and your mind thoroughly distracted when you need it.

Sobriety Counter includes a quit slowly mode that helps you customize a plan to ease your body away from wanting to drink. To encourage sobriety further, the app gives space for you to write personal motivations for why you want to quit drinking alcohol. The app can alert you daily with motivations you wrote specifically for yourself.

With over twenty themes to choose from, the sobriety counter can be personalized and offers widgets that can be added to your home screen on your device. Stay motivated with the app that provides incentives through badges and personalized encouragement for quitting drinking.

Monitor, Control, and Quit With Confidence

There is no straightforward path for recovery, but the best sobriety apps available can help you understand addiction better and how you can navigate a sober life. With customizable apps and reminders through sobriety clocks, you will be able to quit with confidence and monitor your progress for a strong year ahead of you.

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