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If it feels overwhelming which sober app to choose out there, come check out the best apps to help quit drinking in 2024!

When looking for sobriety support, there are a few features to keep an eye out for:

  • The ability to track sobriety
  • A strong digital community 
  • Access to sobriety resources
  • Motivational messages and encouragement
  • Accountability to stay on track

With those aspects in mind, there are a few top apps to choose from this year that can help provide daily support in your sober journey. 

  1. Loosid

Loosid takes a fresh approach to addiction help by being the app to focus on the fun part of sobriety. While there are addiction resources available directly in the app, there is more to the features involved. The app makes the process seamless when connecting with other community members, which make it easy to participate and be a part of the sober community conversation.

The sober app includes Boozeless Guides™ that show where you can get the best mocktails in town, as well as travel destinations that do not include the pressure to drink. Alongside guides, there is access to search for sober friendly restaurants and events all across the country. With the ability to rest easy about where to go, members can actively choose events they know they will be safe to attend. 

The app also features sober dating that can be turned on directly within the app. Without uncertain conversations about why you do not drink, you can enjoy your time out more and avoid the urge to drink while out on the town. 

  1. Nomo

Parker started Nomo as a passion project that is a sobriety app made for those in recovery from addiction. The app acts as a reminder with unlimited sobriety clocks that you can name and label for what you need. Each clock includes the current streak, max streak, and amount of resets overall.

From there, you can share selected clocks with accountability partners, friends, or health providers to keep on track. As you progress, there is a detailed account of achievements right down to the very minute that rewards through chips when milestones are reached. 

If you are feeling the urge to drink, the app gives mini-distraction exercises to refocus the mind and help you move past negative feelings or old habits. Past the feature of exercises, the app gives the ability to see how much money you have saved by not purchasing drinks for a better perspective on how it impacts daily, weekly, and monthly costs. 

With community support through messages of encouragement, you are empowered anywhere you go with community, refocus techniques, and sobriety clocks that keep you motivated in your sober journey. 

  1. Sober Grid

Sober Grid has had national coverage across media streams and is backed by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, which gives the educational edge to offer recovery coaching and daily check-ins.

The app is designed for addiction help through offering a safe, connected, and shared space where people in addiction recovery can reach out and receive support. With affordable 24/7 peer coaching, individuals can receive certified assistance to reach sobriety and stay in recovery. 

The app focuses on geosocial networking, which means through the app you can see other users in your local area who are looking for sober friends to connect with through daily life, travel, and for new social events. Members have the choice to be anonymous and use other aspects of the app with the sober newsfeed or community chat boards. 

With the help of the app, addiction costs are lowered, which leaves space for improved outcomes, options, and reduced levels of hospitalization. Providers can use the app in conjunction with a recovery plan for individuals, as well as for people to personally access addiction help any time of the day. 

  1. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson 

Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson is the quit drinking app that serves as a personable support in the recovery journey. Andrew Johnson is a mindfulness expert, coach, and therapist who created the app to  help those in recovery find avenues to overcome emotional and physical cravings that lead to a continual cycle of drinking. 

Through motivational and mindful techniques, the app helps users regain control of drinking habits by breaking negative cycles through meaningful meditations, inspirational sessions that discuss challenges, and mindfulness stories that help members relax and refocus their mind. 

Tools for meditation techniques include breathing exercises that are proven to help lower anxiety levels and provide stress relief. Stop Drinking With Andrew Johnson brings relatable meditations that improve daily mindsets and provide useful tools that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Whether you commute to work, or need a break in the afternoon from your office at home, the app can help you regain clarity in your thoughts that can positively impact your wellbeing, quality of life, and the relationships around you.

  1. Sober Tool

Sober Tool is an intuitive app that seeks to help curb negative reactions and cravings that lead to drinking. By using one word in the search bar, the app leads to answers with how to deal with specific cravings or negative thoughts to stop a relapse before it happens. 

Rather than reactive care, Sober Tool serves as an app for preventative care in the recovery journey through a sobriety counter, a reward system built in, and a scientifically proven process to avoid relapsing. 

The app is made for those who have struggled with staying sober before or are new to sobriety and looking for new ways to beat cravings and work through triggering thoughts. It can also be used alongside treatment center care, hospital care, or as care support with an addiction counselor, psychologist, therapist, or 12-step sponsor. 

When using the app, it is suggested to open the app daily, even if you are having a good day and do not feel the urge to drink. Simply by tapping the main page, you receive a question that is followed up with a helpful message to how you are currently feeling. With rewards and emotional support, Sober Tool is one app that guides and supports in every aspect of recovery. 

  1. Joe & Charlie

Joe & Charlie is designed for those looking for audio and visual resources in a sobriety app. What began as two people in alcoholics anonymous has turned into a journey of 20 years that has led to the creation of an app that is ideal for helping quit drinking. 

The app includes audio tracks from AA speakers with the ability to save favorites as you listen to them. With full accessibility to all 164 pages of the AA Big Book, you can keep on track in recovery and look back on chapters when you need it the most. Alongside the AA Big Book, the app includes a study section where you can revisit AA tapes and find specific readings. 

The app serves as a landing base for important resources you can draw upon when you need a gentle reminder to stay sober. Free resources include the AA Preamble, The Traditions, The Promises, and the Serenity prayer.

With the ability to save audio tracks for on-the-go, you’ll be ready to feel supported through the app in the commute to work, or while at home. 

  1. Sober Time

Sober Time has a vibrant sober community and resources to provide support to help quit drinking. The sober app focuses on motivation and a support structure through daily messages, milestones towards goals, and a sobriety counter

The digital community is open to discussion where people can share sobriety stories, ask questions, or contribute to conversations about recovery. With the sobriety clock ability, members can share their progress with others for accountability and encouragement. 

The sobriety clocks allow for customizable options for different counters, scenic backgrounds, and creation of headings for a personal feel. Members can track any addiction including screen use, fast food, drugs, or alcohol that can be shared with friends, family, or an accountability partner. 

The interface is easy to use and has home screen widgets for easy accessibility from a mobile device. With the ability to journal and take notes about setbacks, members are more informed on their own experience and learn how to take new approaches for daily and monthly goals.

  1. Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker

Alcodroid Alcohol Tracker holds a differentiation from other apps available on the market. The app includes a sobriety counter that keeps track of how many drinks you have had, as well as a blood alcohol content calculator. 

Unique to the app is the ability to create a widget to display on the home screen of a phone that creates easy access to input alcohol intake and log drinks fast with drink presets. 

The quit drinking app gives the opportunity to more closely monitor drinking habits daily, weekly, and monthly. Combined with the ability to edit and export your drink logbook, there is room to show accountability partners and health providers your progress. 

2024 Apps For Daily Support

From community support features to sobriety trackers for all aspects of recovery, you can stay accountable to the goals you set for yourself in 2024 to quit drinking and live an enjoyable journey in recovery.


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