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Sober Tips July 2nd 2024

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A disease that tells us we don’t have a disease.

The diseases of alcoholism and addiction are both diseases that trick us into thinking that we don’t have a disease. Although the jury has been ‘in’ for a very long time, it still tries to pull the wool over our eyes.

Addiction does not occur because of moral weakness, a lack of willpower or an unwillingness to stop.

There has been decades of work investigating the effects of substance use on the brain.

Here are the facts:

In 1956, the American Medical Association (AMA) declared alcoholism an illness
in 1987, the AMA and other medical organizations officially termed addiction a disease.
Alcoholism, as defined by The American society of Addiction Medicine, is “a primary, chronic disease characterized by impaired control over drinking and preoccupation with the drug alcohol.”
The definition also states that alcoholism is often progressive and fatal.

So why do millions of people still think it’s not a disease?

Well, one reason is because of lack of information. We simply have not read the above; what the medical community has concluded through decades of research.

Another reason is because our disease tells us so.

Still another reason for this is because there has been a stigma that has been created by people who are not properly armed with the facts that both alcoholism and addiction are not diseases, and it is these false stigmas that kill tens of millions of people every year.

If you are amongst the many who believe you have a lack of willpower, or have shame or guilt wondering why you cannot control or ‘handle’ your drinking or drug use the way others can, take solace in the fact that the science is in and this could not be further from the truth.

It is a disease and is not your fault.

Here’s the great news. Your disease is 100% treatable provided that you work a spiritual program of recovery.

How did this tip resonate with you? Let us know your thoughts below. There are many people in the Loosid community who need to hear what you have to say.

With Love, Loosid

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