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Sober Tips June 26th 2024

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Loosid Sober Tip of The Day

Stepping into the solution.

If we focus on the problem the problem increases. If we focus on the solution, the solution increases.

When we are in our active addiction, most of us are not able to be on a spiritual path, as a spiritual path consists of leaning into life and facing life on life’s terms, whereas in our addiction, we are putting substances in our body to blot out what’s bothering us.

As a result, our ‘problems’ keep adding up until there is so much pain that it becomes intolerable.

The first part of stepping into the solution is knowing there is one.

There are many of us who feel there is no problem at all.

There are still many others who are aware of our ‘problems’ yet feel like there is no way to turn our lives around. Too much damage has been done.

The truth is, there are and will always be challenges.

Just for today, be open to the fact that there are solutions that reside on the other side.

Just for today, take notice how much time you spend on the problem, compared to the amount of time you spend on trying to solve it.

Are you complaining about the thorn in your shoe or are you taking your shoe off to see where the thorn is?

To start, take out a sheet of paper and make two columns. Label one, PROBLEM. Name the other, SOLUTION.

Then scratch out the word ‘problem’ and replace it with CHALLENGE. Scratch out the word ‘solution’ and replace it with OPPORTUNITY.

More on this tomorrow. You are off to a great start!

How did this tip resonate with you? Do you find yourself focusing on the problems in your life? How much time do you spend on the solution? Post your comment below. There are many people in the Loosid community who need to hear what you have to say.

With Love, Loosid

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