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Planning an event can feel stressful when trying to live a sober lifestyle, but it does not have to be! Choosing to plan a sober event can be uplifting and inspiring for those who are sober curious and looking for a different way to make friends, meet new people, and enjoy great company. 

When it comes to hosting an event, there are 10 points on the checklist that you can pay attention to and be on track for a fun time with friends when creating sober events. Without alcohol as the social ice breaker of choice, learn how you can cultivate an event that friends will come to remember for years to come. 

What do you look for in a great party? Fun music? An open dance floor? Loud laughter from funny stories? A chance to meet new people? A safe environment? An abundance of snacks at the food table? 

For many, past party and event experiences centered around alcohol, which is why there are a few things to notice when planning an event that can help shift the choice away from having to compromise recovery. 

  1. Plan a Specific Activity For Sober Events

Planning a specific activity for a sober event helps deter people away from alcohol as a way to muster up the courage to interact with new people. While it can feel daunting at first, an activity invites participation and it showcases talents or skills for people to find common ground in shared interests. 

Whether it is a predetermined group game like a murder mystery party, or a specific activity at a place like a theme park, bowling alley, or pool, you can help your guests feel more at ease in meeting people they may not know through a shared activity. 

Here are a few more activities to consider:

  • Boardgame night
  • Go out for brunch or host it at home
  • Scavenger Hunt at the library or around town
  • Picnic at the park
  • Painting Night
  • Coffee and/or tea tasting
  • Chocolate and/or cheese tasting
  • Vision board party
  • Movie festival 
  • Show marathon
  • Sports event
  • Olympic games in your backyard
  • Beach trip
  • Camping trip 
  • Video game competition
  • Baking or cooking night
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Art Tour 
  • Museum Tour

The possibilities are endless when it comes to sharing a group activity without alcohol. Consider what your group of friends love doing and see what event could bring people together for a fun morning, afternoon, or evening! 

  1. Create a Theme

Hosting a themed event is not just reserved for Halloween anymore. Themed events are a great way to break the ice for sober singles to meet, or for people to meet new people and create memorable moments. 

Popular themes often revolve around certain decades, like the 70s or 80s, but you also can host a theme about a shared love for a movie or show. Choose to re-create classic outfits from famous stars, or go back to the creativity of the early 2000s animation.

Whatever you choose, it is a fun way for people to connect in a creative way for an event for sober groups to amuse themselves and learn new things about one another. 

  1. Invite Sober Friends

One aspect of creating a sober event is to recognize the social need among the sober lifestyle community. Many people have anxiety around going to parties or events because they fear they may slip up due to peer pressure or alcohol being present enough that it compromises their recovery. 

By hosting and inviting sober friends, you are offering a safe space for them to have fun and enjoy the company of others, all without the need for alcohol. 

When hosting a sober event, make sure to share information within the invite to ensure sober guests know that they will have nothing to worry about while at your event. If they have further concerns, be sure to extend contact information to be the point person to calm any anxiousness or uncertainty about attending a sober social event. 

  1. Schedule Sober Events In the Afternoon

One aspect to curve the desire for the need to have alcohol at an event is to host an event in the late morning or afternoon. Many events can be hosted at parks, local community centers, or in your backyard at home. 

In the afternoon you can encourage guests to bring their own drinks of choice or bring a new alcohol-free drink to share with everyone. Particularly hosting in areas where alcohol is not allowed to be present, can be helpful in shifting the focus away from it. 

The afternoon is simply a great way to soak up the sun in the Summer or Spring and enjoy hosting sober friends who all want to keep one another accountable. By building healthier habits and enjoyable events to attend, you can continue to host and remind people what it feels like to connect in the community within a sober lifestyle. 

  1. Be Honest About Your Sober Lifestyle

Being honest can be hard when trying to explain your path toward recovery. Choosing a sober lifestyle should never have to be explained. However, when it comes to hosting a sober event, it is important to include the need for sobriety and to keep everyone accountable who may be attending. 

Be sure to include on the invite or message you send out that the event includes a fun and safe environment for everyone. 

  1. Show Sober Curious Friends What an Event Can Look Like

When you are able to be true to your sober lifestyle experience, it also opens up the window for those who are sober curious to see what an event can look like without the social lubricant of alcohol and hazy memory. 

Friends can enjoy a fun afternoon of lawn games with lemonade, or battle one another through a video game championship in the living room. There are plenty of reasons people choose not to drink, so why not show them how an entertaining event can be?

Be bold in paving the way towards cultivating a community that can have fun just by everyone being able to be themselves in a safe environment of festivities. 

  1. Create a Trendy Music Playlist

What is a party without music? Every great event has a playlist that inspires guests to dance or sing along! Create a trendy music playlist on Spotify or YouTube beforehand to enjoy tunes you and your friends love. 

If you are not sure what music to pick, there are plenty of curated playlists already out there made by music lovers and geniuses with a knack for sound. Whether you want a classical dinner party, or beach tunes of the 70s, there is a world of music out there that can bring any event together. 

  1. Remember Your Intentions For Planning a Sober Event

Remembering your intentions for planning a sober event can help you avoid the temptation of alcohol. Many people hold triggers that make them want to drink in social environments. By reminding yourself of the need for a sober environment, you can help cultivate safe fun for everyone. 

Loosid has a list of resources that can help you find and plan a sober event through the app. Whether you need encouragement through messaging or are looking for event ideas, it is the one place where you can find support and the resources you need to be a great host for sober groups. 

  1. Make Everyone Feel At Home

If you are hosting an event at your place, or being the go-to person at a local park for an event, the best aspect you can bring is the feeling of home. Some people are tempted to drink because they feel anxious or uncomfortable when first entering a new social situation at an event. 

You can help anyone feel at ease by being welcoming and introducing new people, or even encouraging sober singles to mingle and get to know one another. The vibe you bring to the party initially can truly set your sober event up for success. 

  1. Create Fun In A New Way

Whether you are hosting sober singles, creating a themed party, or holding Olympic games in your backyard, there are plenty of ways to create fun events for a sober lifestyle. Sometimes all it takes is one person to host a sober event that can inspire the community around you to have a good time while choosing to be alcohol-free. 

It starts with you cultivating a safe space for those in recovery and people who are sober curious looking to learn what life and social events can look like without alcohol. 

In a culture where alcohol is a regular appearance at social events, you have the chance to change how your friends and your community view having an incredible time in good company at events. 

Check your list twice in ensuring entertainment can be found, all within a safe environment for everyone to enjoy! You never know, you may just meet new friends who can mutually hold accountability to create and ensure a sober life for many years to come. 


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