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When on the lookout for the best sobriety app for you, there are certain dating features that stand out among the rest. 

Living a sober lifestyle is a choice where you do not want to have to explain why to anyone but yourself. Many people inquire further which leaves you scrambling for a story-driven answer, cracking a joke, or turning the mood in a direction you did not originally intend. 

If you are wanting to share the same ideals and lifestyle within a relationship, then check what great features a sober dating app can offer. At times, it may be hard to not give in to social pressure and the expectation to “loosen up” with alcohol on a date. 

Luckily, the sober curious movement is becoming more widespread with popular date locations for sober singles. 

By advocating for yourself in all aspects of your life, including dating, you can stay on track with the life you want to be living. Avoid unnecessary social pressure and step into the possibility to find a match that is just right for you. 

  1. Share A Stellar Bio 

What do you want to share with a potential date about yourself? Do you love hiking? Long drives to new locations? Staying in and watching a movie? Whatever you want to share about you, the best feature a dating app should offer is the ability to explain who you are.

The bio section does not have to be limited to a small amount of words, or a form of a haiku to share who you are. If you are looking to make a meaningful connection, then the more space you have to do so, the better!

Writing a bio about yourself is not about who you wish you were, it is about who you are now and how you want to discover life with someone who shares similar interests. Chances are, your bio may line up perfectly with a potential match. 

  1. List Your Interests

Interests are great to have separated from your general dating bio. By listing your interests you can convey what you love doing through simple keywords that stand out to someone looking at your profile. 

When it comes to your interests, the sky is the limit. You can list whatever you enjoy during your free time or even the things you love about the work you do. This list has the potential to be a long one, but it might be more helpful to narrow down your top ones. 

Lists can range from what, 

  • Movies you love
  • Type of books you enjoy
  • Outdoor activities you participate in
  • Sports teams you follow
  • Places you enjoy visiting
  • Things you love about your work
  • And what you generally do for fun!

Whatever you love and enjoy, list it among your top interests to connect with other like-minded singles living a sober lifestyle

  1. Give Insight To What You Love With Photos 

Photos are a great way to showcase who you are and what you love to do. While not every photo feels social media worthy, consider using photos that really share who you are as a person. 

If you do not feel you have any good photos, consider asking a friend to help you out. With Loosid, you can feature up to 6 photos of yourself. From photos of you from your last vacation, pictures with friends, or you lounging around during lockdown, share an honest look into your life. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the best dating apps should let you feature a little insight into how you live your life. 

  1. See Your List of Sober Singles For Matches

A good feature to look for is whether you can see a list of your matches and likes. It helps you look again at a person’s profile to see if they would make a great potential date. From seeing your list, you should also be able to send personal direct messages to connect with sober singles near you. 

Seeing your match list also helps you identify what you may be looking for. Are there similarities to the people you have matched with? What do you connect with the most about their profiles?

This helps get to know yourself a little better through understanding what you like and maybe not like so much about a potential match. Either way, a full list to see your beautiful matches gives you the opportunity to keep track of potential dates, and remember to send a direct message when you are available to meet up. 

  1. Quick Access to DMs

Access to your direct messages should not have to be a runaround on any dating app. With notification ability, you can quickly access DMs to reply to matches in a timely manner. 

Whether you are messaging on your work break, or tucking in for the evening at home, message accessibility helps you see all your messages in one place. If you are talking to one, two, or more people, you can switch in between messages with ease. 

With any dating app, make sure to vet potential dates, and keep yourself safe. If you are uncertain of the messages you are receiving through the app, then the date does not promise to be a good one either. 

Keep your head on your shoulders and reply to people that you feel you can make a meaningful connection with.  

  1. Boozeless Guides to Help Find Your Ideal Place For a Date

What is missing among many of the sober dating apps is the ability to find boozeless guides for the ideal date. 

From restaurants that offer sober hours, to great hang out places without the need for alcohol, boozeless guides ease the confusion of figuring out where to go on a date. 

Within a boozeless guide you can, 

  • Find local events, such as art, music, and community classes that do not include alcohol
  • See travel spots and destinations that will not compromise recovery
  • Online events you can attend with a date, even if you are far away
  • A list of local restaurants that are sober friendly

There may be some hesitancy due to past experiences when trying to find a place for a date. By trusting the concierge service, like on the Loosid app, you can calm your nerves knowing that you are in a safe location. 

Chances are, your date may have had similar social pressures in the past too. It helps to reassure one another that your ideal location for a date still offers a fun time, all without alcohol. 

  1. Access to Sober Events

If you are a lover of live music, art exhibitions, or community events, it may be hard to find a sober event to attend. Finding a match is one thing on a sober dating app, but shouldn’t an app offer you more opportunity for your dream date?

One of the best features for a sober app is to offer insider access to local events. Events can range from local yoga in the park, community centers with free art classes, and live music within a coffee shop.

Within the Loosid app you can search by what city you are located in, or look for a specific event you heard about. With an insider look at what to expect, and whether it is a sober event, you can find great places to enjoy a fantastic first date. 

  1. Live a Sober Lifestyle With Meaningful Connections

Some dating apps out there are not known for meaningful connections. If you are on the road to recovery, chances are you may be looking for someone who shares a sober lifestyle and is looking for more than just one night out.

Through a sober dating app, you can learn more about a person’s journey through their bio and make a meaningful connection right from the start. 

Whether someone has chosen to stop drinking because of a lifestyle change, for health benefits, or to live beyond addiction, make a strong connection with a like-minded individual through sober dating

  1. Ability to Join the Community

Dating is one thing, but what about being a part of a like-minded community? One of the best features to look out for within a sober dating app is also the ability to connect with sober people locally. 

Whether you are a part of a group in your city, or want to share with others the highs and lows of breakups and sober dating, connect with others to help you get through rough nights or long holiday weekends through group boards that support your journey. 

  1. Free Sober Dating

The absolute best feature the best sobriety app can offer is freemium access. No more adding or deleting apps that cost, when you have found the ideal one right from the start. 

Heart the people you like and connect with individuals you would love to join for an ideal date. Looking for a sober date has never been easier with the best features a sober dating app can offer. 

All created with you in mind to connect with sober singles, experience fun sober events, and find love in your city. 


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